The Toasters - USA


The repeated booming of the Ska scene in America is in the first place due to extraordinary bands as the Toasters, who are doubtless the Pioneers of this widely acknowledged music in the States. ('Don't Let The Bastards GrindYou Down' - Billboard Charts, January '97).
That's why this band from New York City has been essential for US-American Ska for over 15 years now. The Toasters are fronted by bandleader, guitarist, and singer Robert 'Bucket' Hingley, a Briton in exile who also runs the most important Ska label of the US, Moon Ska Records.
With untiring tours through Europe and their records (since 1997 with Grover Records), the Toasters have built a solid fanbase over here, have infected newcomers and have made Ska popular outside of the scene. The dynamic, demanding sound, their very own 'East Side Beat', underlines their version of Ska as urban music: outstanding horn players, a heavy grooving rhythm section, Jack Ruby's toasting and Bucket's forceful singing add a special flavour to the Reggae- and Jazz-accentuated songs as well as to the 'classic' uptempo-Ska and Rock-influenced tunes. And this is why the band has not lost any of its charisma after 10 albums and 2.500 shows.