The Hotknives, four modest guys from Brighton in England, are a phenomenon in the ska scene.

The Hotknives' songs may be very sad at times but still they make the audience party like there's no tomorrow. Their repertoire is growing steadily though only as fast as a stalactite, but that doesn't really matter as their old songs are as fresh as ever.

The Hotknives are like the good old friend, always reliable and as safe as the Bank of Eng-land.

The songs give you Ska and Reggae grooves with a little bit of blue-eyed Soul and a sensi-tive Pop feeling - a rare mixture these days, but you may remember some, mostly british, bands of the 80's.

They spice up the monotony and triviality of their every-day stories with melodies that are catchy and nearly impossible to forget. Everybody knows what they are talking about and that makes them even more special.

It is "The Same All Over The World", or so they sing. They also comfort their listeners, they tell touching stories like the one of the "Holsten Boy" who messes up everything during his drunken antics, or they talk about childhood memories like in "Summer Never Comes Too Soon".

Well, summer never comes - although he might hold himself back with typical british under-statement - too soon. He's following the Hotknives around, wherever they may go...

The Hotknives are:
Mark Carew - Gesang & Bass
Stewart Brown - Gitarre
Nigel Clements - Schlagzeug
Richard Allen - Keyboards